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Marshal Stephen

Still Life

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Post-production technique
The "Before" shot was of a beautiful sunset (I used a warming filter). However, I figured the clouds above were a bit surreal but due to the lack of ultra wide angle lens, I couldn't get everything in that shot. So I researched about High Dynamic Ranging (HDR) and after few hours was able to create the "After" image. This is a single image HDR done with Photomatix. Pre HDR processing in Photoshop's Camera Raw: Increased Blacks and Image cotnrast in the basic setting. Reduced Image noise in the RAW file (HDR may produce image noise) Sharpened the image as the previous step added blur. Saved in TIFF format. Photomatix: I had to do two layers of processing for the electric cloud effect. I used built in Tone-Mapping setting to produce an intermediate HDR image (saturation increased at this point). (opened the image in Photoshop again to reduce noise with the blacks and reds. Also reduced image saturation) Re-did previous step and reduced saturation. Sharpened the image again in Photoshop.
What was your vision for your finished image?
I wanted to make the clouds look like a nebulae (of course, that was only after I researched about HDR). I think I was close.
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