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Christin Paige Minnotte

Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
Using creativity and detailed masking I composited three photographs to make the Singer Sewing Machine Woman. Parts of the bodies of the two women used to make up the final body were transformed, placed on top of and blended into the sewing machine. Various adjustment layers and blending modes were used to colorize and blend tonal and textural differences in each image to achieve uniform tonality and texture. Puppet warp was employed to make the body of the sewing machine reflect the curvature of the woman's back.
What was your vision for your finished image?
My vision for the Singer Woman was to marry the beauty of the formal elements of industrial design of Singer sewing machines from the middle of the twentieth century with the form of a woman, for whom the machine's work and purpose was largely intended. The woman formally becomes the machine, just as the form of the machine facilitates the becoming of the woman's creation. As multiple pieces of fabric are stitched together to create one garment, parts of two different women were stitched into the form of the machine to make the image.
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