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Anna Shakina

Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
Shot with canon 550D + 17-50 mm The first stage of processing - is raw conertation. I always try to fit the maximum color in raw konverter without going into Photoshop. The second stage - the transformation of the space, I immediately knew that I wanted a square, many details were drawn to the frame does not look squeezed, i used Free Transform, many parts of the image i copied to a new layer, move and finalized by Clone Stamp tool, it was the most hard and long processing stage, as had redraw almost all the land. The third stage - the sky. It was much easier. I just copied the left part of the image, a bit stretched horizontally and set the layer blending mode to darken, that saved me from unnecessary problems associated with cutting model. The fourth stage - the branches, some branches had to be removed, some to finish fortunately using wacom tablet is not a big deal. The fifth stage - the mountains in the background, I took them from another photo, a bit of work with masks and Free Transform and ready. Sixth stage - color correction. I have used an adjustment layer gradient with three colors (blue, yellow, orange) on the Dual soft light + little finalized the image using curves adjustment layer. The last stage of editing - the fog, i drawn it with the usual brush with soft edges and little transparency.
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