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Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
I like composition. In every shot, I try to have all the images I know I'll be needing to composite my final photograph. I work with layers of raw images, open them with camera raw and use them as smart objects in photoshop. Change white balance, make selections of key objects wether to enhance them or make them disappear form the journey of the eye. I do this first with brightness and contrast and adjust colors with selective colors, hue-saturation and vibrance. On this particular image I added a little effect of rain drops I found on a tutorial because by the time the shot was done it was about to rain. The final image wether it will be colored or desaturated must be appealing in B/W.
What was your vision for your finished image?
I wanted it to be an interesting composition of a romantic timeless painting with modern colors.
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