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James Hollenberg

Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
I first took out the sky in the alley picture and then made a layer style (inner shadow) to take out the visible light on the building and fire escape. I added the sky and then desaturated the entire image and added a gradient map a few times. I added the car and then the car shadows with gaussian blur added to the shadows. I also added a few other soft shadows around the car. I added the headlights with the lens flare filter with screen. After the headlights, I started painting the walls and ground and around the headlights. Then I added the girl and started adding shadows around her feet. I desaturated the girl and started adding layer styles (inner shadow and gradient overlay). I dodge and burned the entire image. Then I sharpened the light and dark parts of the image separately with unsharpen mask darken and unsharpen mask lighten. In the end I saturated the headlights a little bit and desaturated the blue a little bit.
What was your vision for your finished image?
I've always wanted to do a Bonnie and Clyde type series of photo's and this was the test image. I wanted to use my skill as a photographer and as an artist with photoshop to bring the image to life. All the images in this photograph are original and combined to make this composite.
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