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Andrés Vargas Aguilar.

Nature Photography

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Post-production technique
Hardly Seen Beauty. --------------------------- First of all I used a Nikon D3100 camera with a standard kit lens 18-55mm to take the picture. The shot was made to a aluminium bowl covering the upper half of the built-in flash with red cellophane so the red light would bounce on the bowl and hit the back of the drops and keeping the front normal to create depth in the photo. @55mm 1/200s f:16 with the built-in flash fired. For the processing of the picture first I used Adobe Photoshop's Camera Raw to adjust the Contrast, Raise the lights, highlights and drop down a little bit the shadows. In order to create that blue tone I used the Split Tone tool to give the shadows a saturated blue tone so the red/magenta highlights in the picture remain intact to give the picture that sense of depth and such a styled colour. After that I noticed that the picture had a lot of dots and undesired lines maybe because the bounce of light in the scratched aluminium. So the Spot Removal was very helpful to get rid of them with a little patience. The following step was erasing the folds of the bowl because they were not concentrical to the drop waves, so undesired distracting elements as well. For that task the I exported the photo to Adobe Photoshop itself and used the Spot Healing Brush in Content Aware setting to easily get rid of the folds and give freedom sense to the picture. Added my mark and VOILÁ! The journey ended. PS: Excuse me if it isn't well written, i'm a Bolivian contestant.
What was your vision for your finished image?
There are so many beautiful and awesome things in life do not seen properly in life by many reasons, in this case of the rapidity of the action.

Being able to capture that beauty in photography made me happy and I wanted to show everyone that.

There is the reason of the title "Hardly Seen Beauty" "Belleza Apenas Vista"

Hope you like my entry.
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