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Kimberly A Miller


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Post-production technique
Crop image to gain desired look. Basic editing: Cloned out top right corner, where I had no ocean. Reduced shadow on subject's right leg, created by the left leg. Bumped brightness and contrast on head and arms. Overall image levels adjustment to overexpose water slightly; masked in some areas at various opacity levels. The Fun Begins: Hue/Saturation adjustment - dropped saturation to none; masked back in the bathing suit. Rectangle tool; select color - went with a dark brown; added rectangle over entire image, set blending option to 'Color', changed opacity of layer. Add fill image with white; select guassian blur, set blending option to 'Color', lowered opacity drastically, masked out athlete and rock. Add fill image with a bright orange color; set blending option to 'Color', opacity set to roughly 20% Levels adjustment layer; bumped whites and blacks. Made a spotlight selection of athlete and rock with lasso tool; feathered at 200 px, selected Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, bumped brightness and contrast, masked in a few points of detail. Made a random selection around majority of photograph to create a border, feathered at 250px, selected inverse, and adjusted in curves adjustment layer desired effect. Yellow photo filter, blending option 'Overlay', lowered opacity, duplicated w/soft light. Dodged and burned. Added new white fill layer to remove some orange tones, blending mode 'Color,' very low opacity.
What was your vision for your finished image?
Bring a sleek, urban look to a unique beach scene.
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