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Pete Sintes

Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
Both the wave and the clouds were converted to brushes. The background was painted using a variety of brush sizes and transparencies. A Gaussian blur and smudging was used to blend the colors into one another. Once the background was created separate layers were created of each of the special brushes, 1 for the clouds and 1 for the wave. Layer masks were used to blend the clouds and the waves together. A separate layer was then created and a Lens Flare was used to create the sun. The colors and intensity for the background was adjusted until I got the desired color palette and saturation.
What was your vision for your finished image?
This was my first attempt at creating custom brushes from photos. I was trying to visualize backgrounds and scenery that had a surrealistic but natural look. Being able to regenerate the colors for a new background and changing the custom brushes allows me to quickly generate realistic backgrounds for almost any illustrative need.
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