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Dennis Jones

Nature Photography

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Post-production technique
The Angel I discovered this tiny detail amidst the riot of confusion that is the Costa Rican cloud forest. It was unique. Back home I started to play. After initial processing in Lightroom, I exported it to Photoshop and added a Curves Adjustment Layer, brought down the luminance and with my Intuos tablet, painted in the leaf with a hard-edged brush and the background at lesser opacities with a big, soft brush. Some things like the stems required more work to tone down and the highlights of the big leaves, especially the one on the right, even more. But then I was getting color shift. The highlights were turning an ugly gray. I solved this by making another layer and changing the blend mode to Luminance to tone down those leaves further. I created a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer, and painted the main subject with more contrast to bring it out more. Taking the image into the Nik Color Efex 3 plug-in, the Classic Soft Focus filter in brush mode allowed me to paint a touch of soft focus onto the main leaf, causing it to glow from within. Using a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer and painting with white on the main leaf saturated it a bit more.
What was your vision for your finished image?
I wanted to separate the unusual, angel-shaped leaf from the confusion of its environment and true to is angel-like likeness, give it an ethereal feel.
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