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Kesh Sorensen

Composite or Montage

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Post-production technique
I brought the raw image of the girl on the beach into Photoshop, used some levels, curves adjustment layers, created a mask to separate her hair from the original sky and dragged the sunset image on Lake Michigan, which was captured the day after, into one Photoshop layered file. Selected what I wanted to use of the sunset/lake image and masked out the rest-did some transformation, curves, levels and then duplicated and 'flopped' the sky into the water. The yellow in the sky combined with the blue water from the girl/beach image made green, so I created a mask of the sky. Additionally, since in the final image the light hitting the girl would have been different, I created a shadow for the girl, using an empty layer on 'soft' blending mode and a brush to paint it in at 30%, adjusting the opacity of the layer to give it a realistic feel.
What was your vision for your finished image?
Having captured the 2 images on consecutive days and looking at my files when I was able to a week or 2 later, I knew that I wanted to create this final image. Originally, the girl walked by as I sat on the beach on a windy day and stopped to strike that powerful stance, with the wind blowing through her hair. I shot sunset images on the Lake the next day.
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