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Dennis Jones

Still Life

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Post-production technique
Cucurcuma Motorcycle-Istanbul I had just spent an incredible ten days with an amazing group of highly intelligent individuals touring Turkey on a cultural exchange. I had a couple days before I flew to Erzurum and the mountains of Eastern Turkey. Wandering the side streets of Istanbul’s stylish and cosmopolitan Beyoğlu district I found myself on Cucurcuma street looking for the house of Orhan Pamuk’s incredibly pathetic, fictional anti-hero in his book, “Museum of Innocence” which I had been reading. After finding the unassuming apartment building I wandered up the street looking for whatever when changed to fence was this incredible old, rusted motorcycle. I started working on it on the plane home. I cropped it much tighter, toning down the bright highlights, opening up the shadows and cleaning up some stuff around the image. I took it into the Photoshop plug-in Nik Color Efex 3 and added some tonal contrast to bring out the texture of the rust and corrosion. With Nik’s Viveza 2 plug-in I worked on various additional highlights and shadows, enhancing the saturation of some of the faded colors. Duplicating the image, I turned it into a black and white, added a black layer mask and with my Intuos tablet, painted in the now B&W background with white and then softened it by using the Nik Midnight filter in brush mode. I opened the image in OnOne’s Perfect Frame plug-in and created a composite frame from two different frame sets.
What was your vision for your finished image?
This was a rare find in a difficult setting. I knew it needed a lot of work to correct the obvious flaws, balance the overall composition and create an art piece. It needed to look old and worn, without the ugly background distracting from the motorcycle itself and then framed it with an appropriate border.

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