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Dennis Jones

Still Life

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Post-production technique
From Another Era-The Grand Canal Okay, it’s a cliche’. Venice is a cliche’, that is, pretty much every image in Venice is a cliche’. They’ve all been taken umpteen million times by everyone from the best pros to every Japanese tourist. How do you do something different? I was on the Accadamia Bridge when this scene was unfolding. Shooting it as a horizontal kept the gondola at a compositional point but still, it’s a cliche’. Without any more processiong than the default import settings I use in Lightroom, I cropped it to square. Problem was, the gondola was in the wrong place. Selecting it with the Lasso Tool, copying the selection and then pasting it on a new layer allowed me to move it to a point in the composition that would create a leading line with the other boats, taking the viewer into the scene. It took some cleaning up of the surrounding water with the Eraser Tool on my Wacom Tablet to make it look convincing. Using the Nik Color Efex 4 plug-in, I applied a judicious amount of the Sunshine filter, added the Polaroid Transfer filter and finished it off in LR by adding contrast and clarity, changing the color balance and warming up the image.
What was your vision for your finished image?
I wanted to create something that wasn’t just another cliche’ image of Venice. I was looking for a technique that implied a bygone era and found it by developing a combination of Nik filters and Lightroom settings I’ve used on other European images to achieve the same feeling.
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