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Dennis Jones

Still Life

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Post-production technique
Barge and Bridge-Amsterdam Wandering the waterfront of the amazing Dutch city of Amsterdam, lights suddenly began flashing and barriers started coming down, stopping traffic. The street began to rise and a tug appeared pushing a barge, passing under the main thoroughfare. A block away one of Amsterdam's more iconic bridges begin to open and I positioned myself for the shot. After some minor processing in Lightroom 4, I decided I needed to become more familiar with OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 6. Opening the plug-in, I started to play in Perfect Effects, piling the Golden Hour Enhancer, Magic Sunset and Contrast Only presets on top of each other, adjusting each as I went. Opening it in LR again, I messed with the contrast, shadows, and clarity, drew some gradients and took the adjustment brush to a few errant areas. Taking it back into Perfect Photo Suite 6, I added an Itchy Texture to make it look scratched and gave it the Vintage Red and Yellow filter. Moving it into Perfect Frame, I selected Acid Burn 10, made adjustments to the frame and then in LR, played with the shadow, highlights and vibrance, converted it to black and white and played with the adjustments some more to openup the shadows and reduce the highlights along with the overall contrast.
What was your vision for your finished image?
To create an image that would take it out of the modern world and put it into an era before the invention of modern, high definition color photography. Also, to take it out of the realm of cliche' and turn it into a more iconic vision.
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