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Brenda M Wilson


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Post-production technique
My technique for this photograph was more trial and error. Because I was simply messing around once the basic editing was done, I did not have any set idea on anything or any constant technique except for my ever present vibrancy. Once my basic edits of skin smoothing, sharpened, blurring, cloning, vibrant coloring, etc. were completed, I then moved on to using random color changes and brushing on different pieces that were black and white. In the end, I came up with a three negative split image with a line of color in between two grungy black and white negative strips.
What was your vision for your finished image?
My vision for this particular photograph was never planned out. I had wanted to make the basic edits and decided that I wanted to mess around with the photograph, after about an hour of messing around I had the idea to make the image have both black and white and color. Of course the eyes had to be the part in color because I wanted to draw in the viewer with glistening blue eyes, hidden behind the arms.
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